New Study Suggests Walnuts Can Protect You Against Alzheimer’s Disease!

New Study Suggests Walnuts Can Protect You Against Alzheimer’s Disease!

There is no doubt that the diet you follow can really affect your health and life in general, either for the worse or for the better.
This includes how your skin looks, your energy levels throughout the day, aging and more!
One thing that is less known, however, is that it can even impact your brain functions, be it in the short or in the long run!
More precisely, there are certain foods that can aid your mind in working better while others will actually damage your cognitive abilities.
Furthermore, some new research suggests that some dietary choices can even affect your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, finding that an oil that can be found in walnuts can protect people against this scary and incurable disease.
The study was published last month in the Nutrients journal and as part of it, researchers looked at a cellular model of the way oil extracted from walnuts can affect the function of mitochondria, which is the main source of energy for all our cells and other biological processes.
Another thing the team of scientists found out was that the extract decreases the formation of certain beta-amyloids that tend to create plaques on the brain linked to Alzheimer’s.
It may also increase the creation of adenosine triphosphate which is a compound that helps fuel cells.
With all that being said, the study’s authors were able to conclude that walnut oil is a promising element in keeping this disease away but that more research may be needed first.
The authors explained that “Walnuts are an important component of the Mediterranean Diet, which has been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Clinical studies revealed the consumption of walnuts increases cognitive function in elderly people. Furthermore, this [walnut] extract includes low levels of the lipophilic vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant as well.”
And that’s not even all! Walnuts have other benefits as well, including boosting your heart health, helping with sleeping well and protection against liver damage.


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