New Species Of Microbiome Bacteria Tied To Rheumatoid Arthritis

New Species Of Microbiome Bacteria Tied To Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that if affecting a lot of people these days, and this is an extremely important subject. The condition affects 1 in 100 people worldwide. Just in case you did not know, this causes inflamed, painful, and swollen joints, often in the hands and wrists, and can lead to loss of joint function. More than that, among its effects, there are also chronic pain and joint deformities and damage. What causes this condition is unknown.

New discoveries made about rheumatoid arthritis 

The Inquirer notes some impressive new details about the condition. It’s important to highlight that rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition, meaning it develops when the body’s immune system starts to attack itself. Proteins called antibodies, which usually help fight off viruses and bacteria, begin to attack the joints, instead.

The same online publication mentioned above notes the fact that the origins of the antibodies that cause rheumatoid arthritis have been an area of study for many years.

“Some research has shown that these antibodies can start forming at sites such as the mouth, lungs and intestines more than 10 years before symptoms arise. But until now, it was not very clear why researchers were finding these antibodies in these particular areas,” according to the same notes. 

Experts addressed whether bacteria in the microbiome, a community of microorganisms that live in the intestines, could be responsible for activating the immune response that leads to rheumatoid arthritis.

It’s also been revealed that it is still unknown why people with rheumatoid arthritis develop an immune response to Subdoligranulum didolesgii. This is responsible for the condition is some people, and we suggest that you check out the original notes in order to learn more details about all this. 

Stay tuned for more relevant news, and make sure to remain safe as well. 

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