New Hope For People Who Lost Their Smell Due To Covid 19

New Hope For People Who Lost Their Smell Due To Covid 19

You may not be aware of the fact that, for some people, the effects of the novel coronavirus have been longer than previously expected. It’s been just reported that Action News has been taking a look back at the ways in which our lives have changed over the past two years due to the covid pandemic.

For some people, the effects following the pandemic lasted much longer, and an example is the loss of smell. offers interesting quotes about this.

“My worst result and symptom was losing smell and taste.”

This is what Nancy Damato of Cold Spring, New York, said. 

Damato is a Covid long hauler. She contracted the virus in February of 2021 and is still having complications.

“We still have a lot of people really still suffering and I think this is one of those. It is the suffering that you can’t see.”

Restoring the sense of smell

When it comes to losing smell, experts at Jefferson Health are working to reverse the damage.

“Previously, you would go to an ENT doctor and they would say, ‘do your smell exercises’ They would give you oral steroids or nasal steroids and spray, and they would say sorry, ‘I have nothing else to offer and you are just never going to smell again.'”

This is what Dr. David Rosen with Thomas Jefferson University said. 

It’s been also revealed that now, experts are testing a method called Platelet-rich plasma or PRP. It’s plasma from the patient’s blood that’s implanted instead of an injection.

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This goes on small sponges with the patient’s plasma that eventually dissolves and then implants in the nose. The goal is to restore taste and smell. Dr. Rosen said this: 

“We are trying an intervention to help regain and rebuild the smell center in the cells that allow you to smell.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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