Mouth Cancer Causes Are On The Rise

Mouth Cancer Causes Are On The Rise

It’s been revealed that in the UK, mouth cancer causes are on the rise, They went up by more than one-third in the last decade, and they managed to hit a record high, according to the latest reports.

The new studies and reports reveal the fact that the number of cases has more than doubled within the last generation, and previous common causes, such as smoking and drinking, are being added to by other lifestyle factors.

It’s been reported that according to the Oral Health Foundation, the following data is available:

“8,864 people in the UK were diagnosed with the disease last year – up 36 percent on a decade ago, with 3,034 people losing their life to it within the year.”

The above data shows an increase in deaths of 40 percent in the last 10 years and a 20-per-cent rise in the last five years.

More relevant data is revealed

Dr Nigel Carter, who is the chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, said: “While most cancers are on the decrease, cases of mouth cancer continue to rise at an alarming rate.”

The expert continued and stated the following:

“Traditional causes like smoking and drinking alcohol to excess are quickly being caught up by emerging risk factors like the human papillomavirus (HPV). The stigma around mouth cancer has changed dramatically. It’s now a cancer that really can affect anybody.”

The experts show the fact that there’s a massive need for people to become more ‘mouth aware’ by being able to recognize the early warning signs of mouth cancer and to be aware of the common causes.

“Most importantly, if you notice anything unusual, please don’t delay and seek help from a doctor or dentist.”

Stay tuned for more relevant info about mouth cancers, and follow the doctor’s advice in order to remain safe and prevent before you start treating. 

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