Moderna Is Expecting Covid Trial Data For Kids Aged 2 To 5

Moderna Is Expecting Covid Trial Data For Kids Aged 2 To 5

It’s been just revealed that Moderna said that it’s expecting to report data from their vaccine trial in kids aged 2 to 5 in March.

According to the Reuters press agency the company said the following: 

“If the data is supportive and subject to regulatory consultation, Moderna may proceed with regulatory filings for children 2-5 years of age thereafter.”

It’s been also revealed that Moderna’s vaccine is based on the messenger RNA platform, and it already has authorizations in Europe, UK, Australia, and Canada for adolescents aged 12-17 years. It is also important to note the fact that the company has submitted applications for children in 6 to 11 years.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

In the United States, the vaccine is authorized by Food and Drug Administration as a primary two-dose regimen and booster dose for adults 18 years and older. The company still has to get authorization from the regulator for use of its vaccine in children.

Covid in the news 

The novel coronavirus and the disease that it can trigger, covid 19 have been making headlines a lot since 2020. 

The other day, it’s been revealed that the CEO of Pfizer had something pretty interesting to say about two covid shots and the Omicron variant.

Just to refresh your memory, the new covid variant called Omicron has been making headlines all over the news for a while now, even though the symptomatology is a mild one.

CNBC just reported that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Monday said two doses of the company’s vaccine may not provide strong protection against infection from the Omicron Covid variant.

More than that, it’s been also revealed that the original shots have also lost some of their efficacy at preventing hospitalization.

There’s something that triggered massive backlash for the CEO. It’s also important to note what he was saying back in 2021 about the vaccine’s efficiency:


Stay tuned for more news, and make sure to stay safe as well. 

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