Mental Health Move: Headspace Health Brings Unified Mental Health and Wellbeing Experience

Mental Health Move: Headspace Health Brings Unified Mental Health and Wellbeing Experience

Mental health has an extremely high level of importance in our lives, and more people are starting to acknowledge this. Check out the latest important moves that have been made in this direction lately. 

Mental Health important news 

It’s been just revealed that Headspace Health, the provider of the world’s most accessible, comprehensive digital mental health platform, today announced a new, unified product experience.

This is bringing together Headspace’s world-class meditation and mindfulness offering with Ginger’s on-demand coaching, therapy, and psychiatry services.

According to the latest reports, the new experience provides a single destination for high-quality mental health and well-being support for employees, as well as an underlying platform that reduces complexity and administrative burden for employers.

The official notes reveal that you will be offered access to Headspace’s world-class meditation and mindfulness, along with Ginger’s on-demand coaching, therapy, and psychiatry services. 

It’s also been revealed the fact that as the global mental health crisis intensifies, employees are increasingly looking to their employers for support. According to the same reports, it’s been revealed that there is a new study conducted by Headspace Health earlier this year which showed that 80% of employees believe it is the employer’s responsibility to help with mental health.

It’s been revealed that employers understand the imperative to provide mental health and well-being support. It’s also worth noting the fact that benefits programs have become increasingly complex to manage. This is happening amidst growing point-solution fatigue and inflationary healthcare cost pressures.


In order to address these issues, employers will have to deploy comprehensive solutions that deliver end-to-end support while at the same time reducing the total cost of care.

“The Headspace Health unified experience is all about making it easier to engage with mental health and wellness services and to be kind to your mind, regardless of where you are on your mental health journey.” This is what Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health said.

He continued and stated the following:

“Companies trust that Headspace Health can address employees’ mental health needs across the spectrum, but importantly, will lead with prevention to address challenges before they become acute and costly.”

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