Massive Study Finds Unvaccinated People Are More Likely to Get into Car Crashes – You’ll Never Guess the Reason Why!

Massive Study Finds Unvaccinated People Are More Likely to Get into Car Crashes – You’ll Never Guess the Reason Why!

According to some new findings, it appears that being unvaccinated might put you at a higher risk of getting into a car crash!

This is what a study published in The American Journal of Medicine earlier this month says.

The Canadian researchers looked into the government records of over 11 million people, 16 percent of which have not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

What they found was that those unvaccinated were no less than 72 percent more likely to get into a serious traffic accident, and have at least one person be hospitalized as a result than those who were vaccinated.

This is rather similar to the increased risk of accidents for those with sleep apnea and around half of those who abuse alcohol.

The study’s authors mention that this extreme risk of car crashes for unvaccinated drivers “exceeds safety gains from modern automobile engineering advances and imposes risks on other road users.”

However, it’s important to note that just because someone skips on a vaccine, that does not mean they will automatically get into an accident.

Instead, the theory is that people who oppose public health recommendations are also the type of people who are more likely to “neglect basic road safety guidelines.”

The authors mention that the potential reasons they ignore the rules of safe driving are: a distrust in the government, misunderstanding of the concept of freedom, a faith in “natural protection,” misinformation, poverty, lack of resources, “antipathy toward regulations” and other personal beliefs.

As it turns out, these findings are concerning enough that the authors of the study believe primary healthcare providers should take into consideration the counseling of their unvaccinated patients on safe driving as well.

Insurance companies might also make some changes to their insurance policies based on vaccination data.

In addition to that, first responders may also want to take extra precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19 upon responding to car accidents since there is a bigger chance the driver and occupants of the car are unvaccinated than vaccinated.

The study’s authors concluded that “The findings suggest that unvaccinated people need to be careful indoors with others and outside with surrounding traffic.”

While conclusive and reflective of a bigger problem, this study is not the first to look into the link between vaccination status and overall social behavior.

A study from 2021 published in the Journal of Bioeconomics, found there is a correlation between skipping on the flu vaccine and reckless driving among young adults.

The survey examined over 100,000 Canadians, making it quite reliable.

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