Leaving The Pandemic World – Many Companies Are Not Ready

Leaving The Pandemic World – Many Companies Are Not Ready

We’ve been in the middle of a pandemic for more than two years now, and we almost forgot how normality feels like. This is a subject that has been addressed in a new article by CNBC as well. Check out the most interesting details below.

The article mentioned above begins by noting that a lot of companies appear to be ill-equipped to thrive in a post-Covid world, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Wednesday.

“I have not seen a lot of companies who are prepared for post-pandemic. I’ve seen a lot of companies that were kind of banking on a little more pandemic,” Cramer said.

The “Mad Money” host said the following:

“We’re not in a world of the pandemic anymore,” as far as business planning goes, and only one company that reported earnings this week demonstrated an ability to think and flourish beyond Covid.

“I have to tell you, the only one last night that demonstrated a lack of ‘pandemic-cyclicality’ was Airbnb.”

“At one point [CEO Brian Chesky] was telling me last night, ‘I don’t know, are we a pre-pandemic story? Are we a pandemic story? Are we a post-pandemic story?’ He said:

‘Maybe we’re a story.’ And I loved it.”

You should check out more details in the original article. 

End of the pandemic – Covid experts search for a universal vaccine

It’s been just revealed that experts are chasing a universal covid vaccine. Check out the latest reports below.

Washington Post began a recent article by noting that the volunteers are rolling up their sleeves to receive shots of experimental vaccines tailored to beat the omicron variant — just as the winter coronavirus surge begins to relent.

Source: pixabay.com

The notes continued and revealed the following: 

“By the time scientists know whether those rebooted vaccines are effective and safe, omicron is expected to be in the rearview mirror. Already, mask mandates are easing. People are beginning to talk about normalcy. The disconnect highlights the exhausting scientific chase of the last year — and the one that lies ahead.”

Stay tuned for more news and also make sure to stay safe. 

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