Latest Covid Variant, Found In France

Latest Covid Variant, Found In France

Amidst the new covid variant called Omicron, which is spreading really fast, terrifying people, more louse news is revealed. 

It’s been just reported that this new Omicron variant features milder symptoms compared to Delta, but there is another new variant of the novel coronavirus on the loose.

DW notes that experts do not have any idea where it originated or how dangerous this is. 

12 people infected in Southern France

The exact online publication notes that this new variant was found in early December in a traveler who returned to France from Cameroon. This is what the hospital IHU Mediterranee in Marseille announced.

The returnee from Cameroon reportedly infected 12 people in southern France.

“This new mutant, called B.1.640.2, has 46 mutations in an “atypical combination,” according to a preprint study that has not yet been peer-reviewed.”

The same notes revealed that according to this study, the two already known spike protein mutations N501Y and E484K are also found in the new coronavirus variant.

“The N501Y mutation, for example, was detected very early in the alpha variant. It causes the pathogen to bind more strongly to human cells and thus to spread more easily in the body.”

Source: Pixabay

It’s been also reported that E484K is one of the escape mutations located directly in the spike protein and this could mean that it possibly reduces the effectiveness of covid vaccines.

Lastest on coronavirus in Austria

It seems that one covid vaccine is not valid in Austria for the green pass anymore – we’re talking about Johnson & Johnson.

Check out the latest reports on the matter and find out why some people are bringing up Pfizer as the firm that wants to rule them all again.

The Local reveals that anyone vaccinated with a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in Austria will no longer be deemed fully vaccinated from January 3rd, 2022, onwards, unless they have received a second dose.

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