Just In: CDC Releases Its VAERS Safety Analyses for COVID Vaccines via FOIA

Just In: CDC Releases Its VAERS Safety Analyses for COVID Vaccines via FOIA

It seems that the CDC has just released its VAERS safety analyses for covid vaccines. Check out the latest reports below.

Here’s the tweet that sheds light on the matter:

The article that this tweet mentions reveals that “CDC’s VAERS safety signal analysis based on reports from Dec. 14, 2020 – July 29, 2022 for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines shows clear safety signals for death and a range of highly concerning thrombo-embolic, cardiac, neurological, hemorrhagic, hematological, immune-system and menstrual adverse events (AEs) among U.S. adults.”

The same notes continue and reveal the following:

“There were 770 different types of adverse events that showed safety signals in ages 18+, of which over 500 (or 2/3) had a larger safety signal than myocarditis/pericarditis.”

The notes also talk about the number of serious adverse events: 

“The CDC analysis shows that the number of serious adverse events reported in less than two years for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is 5.5 times larger than all serious reports for vaccines given to adults in the US since 2009 (~73,000 vs. ~13,000)”

We strongly suggest that you check out the original article in order to see all the numbers and effects by yourselves. 

New study on covid vaccines

It’s been just revealed that a total of 51,011 Cleveland Clinic Health System employees, 20689 (41%) had a previously documented episode of covid, and 42,064 (83%) received at least two doses of a covid vaccine.

According to the notes, “COVID-19 occurred in 2452 (5%) during the study. In a bombshell finding (but not surprising given growing data), the risk of COVID-19 increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode, and importantly, with the number of vaccine doses previously received.”

Here’s what the notes reveal:

“The study findings showed an association of greater risk of COVID-19 infection with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses. Put simply, the more people vaccinated, the more the SARS-CoV-2 transmission.”

We strongly suggest that you check out the complete information on the issue in the original article. 

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