Italian Study Shows Only Old, or Sick Vaccinated People Die of Covid-19

Italian Study Shows Only Old, or Sick Vaccinated People Die of Covid-19

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been spreading and evolving worldwide. In many countries, health officials are keeping a close eye on the variants detected inside the territory and how effective Covid-19 vaccines are. A new study conducted in Italy showed that fully vaccinated people are highly unlikely to die of Covid-19. 


The National Health Institute in Italy published the study

According to the National Health Institute in Italy (ISS), those who are fully vaccinated and die due to complications related to the Covid-19 infection are either too old or have several underlying illnesses. The statistics mentioned by several sources prove that the age average of fully vaccinated people that died of Covid-19 was 85 and that most of them had more than five other health issues. The age average of unvaccinated individuals who died of Covid-19 is 78 years old, and most had at least four pre-existing health issues. 


More on the ISS study

During the study, more than 38,096 Covid-related death occurred in Italy, and researchers studied the medical records of 671 unvaccinated people who died of Covid and 171 fully vaccinated fatalities. The results pinpoint that Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants. 


Italy has more than 80% of its population vaccinated

The latest statistics indicate that more than 80% of Italy’s residents are vaccinated against the new coronavirus. This means fewer chances for the virus to mutate and form new and more dangerous variants. Italy has more than 4.7 Covid related death, and the northern regions have been the most affected. Like many other countries worldwide, Italy has implemented vaccine mandates, and Covid-19 health passes are mandatory for all workers. In other countries, vaccine mandates have been implemented for municipal workers. 

In the US, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new vaccine mandate that would include all municipal workers: educators, health providers, police officers, firefighters etc.  

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