Israel Reported A New All-Time High For Covid Infections

Israel Reported A New All-Time High For Covid Infections

The Times of Israel reported a new all-time high for covid infections. Chyeck out the latest reports from the online publication.

It’s been just revealed that Israel managed to record the highest ever number of new coronavirus infections – these were drives by Omicron – the latest covid variant which we already addressed.

Not too long ago, we were revealing that three covid 19 shots will not be enough to stop the Omicron covid variant. This is what Ugur Sahin, the CEO of vaccine developer BioNTech.

“We must be aware that even triple-vaccinated are likely to transmit the disease,” he told French daily Le Monde.

He added this: 

“It is obvious we are far from 95 percent effectiveness that we obtained against the initial virus.” notes that Sahin said vaccine efficacy has been dropping against the Omicron covid variant.

All-time high infections reported in a day 

Check out what official data is revealing: 

“The record of 11,978 cases diagnosed on Tuesday marks the most new infections reported in a single day since the start of the pandemic. The previous record was set September 2 with 11,345 new infections logged during the Delta variant’s wave.”

Omicron, first detected in South Africa, is apparently more contagious but causes fewer cases of severe illness and death.


It’s important to note the fact that the highly infectious Omicron variant drives the fifth wave of infections, the positive test rate on Tuesday reached 6.6 percent out of the 189,700 tests carried out.

Check out some important data about transmission: 

“The Health Ministry said the virus transmission number, R, indicating how many people each infected person passes on the virus too, had climbed to 1.94. The transmission rate is based on data from 10 days earlier and values above 1 show infections are spreading — the higher the number, the faster the rate.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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