Is Covid Political: Asia’s Omicron Retreat Could Hint At A Pandemic Without End

Is Covid Political: Asia’s Omicron Retreat Could Hint At A Pandemic Without End

AlJazeera addresses a really tricky issue that’s been ongoing for a while now. Check out the latest reports about covid being used in politics and about some notes hinting at the fact that this pandemic could be in fact a neverending one – because it’s used for political reasons. At least, this is what the website mentioned above notes. Check out the available reports below.

The pandemic could never end 

The article begins by noting that “The rush by Asia-Pacific countries to slam borders shut in response to the Omicron variant raises a sobering question: What if harsh restrictions like travel bans never truly end?”

The same notes continue and say the following: 

“Scientists widely agree the coronavirus will keep mutating indefinitely, with new variants emerging periodically for the rest of our lives.”

The article mentioned above offers some pretty relevant quotes that hint at the fact that this pandemic could be neverending, as it could be used for political reasons.


A bunch of experts spanning virology, epidemiology, medical ethics and economics told Al Jazeera the “end” of the pandemic – insofar far as it affects most people’s lives – would ultimately be a political and societal choice.

“Instead of walking zombie-esque into whatever comes next… we need to probably stop and think about what are we defining as our endpoint here.”

This is what Ian Mackay, a virologist at the University of Queensland, told Al Jazeera. He continued and said: 

“Right now we have a pretty well-vaccinated population in some parts of the world. Those parts of the world, especially those that have been freshly vaccinated, are as safe as they are going to be.”

News about a new pandemic

As the press agency Reuters said, the novel coronavirus has killed 5.26 million people across the world, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The pandemic wiped out trillions of dollars in economic output and turned life upside down for billions of people.

“The truth is, the next one could be worse. It could be more contagious, or more lethal, or both,” Sarah Gilbert said in the Richard Dimbleby Lecture, the BBC reported.

Stay tuned for more covid-related news. 

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