India’s Drug Regulators Decline Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Emergency Use Approval Due To Side Effects Concerns

India’s Drug Regulators Decline Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Emergency Use Approval Due To Side Effects Concerns

Pfizer has been making headlines in 2022 just like during the previous year, due to their covid vaccines and treatments against the disease triggered by the novel coronavirus. Check out the latest reports coming from India and revealing something pretty interesting about the vaccine policies over there.

Check out this relevant Twitter post.

Someone said: ‘Is it though. We just have enough vaccines with better agreement & way cheaper. Therefore we don’t need Pfizer vaccine in the current state & the situation. Simply, we can afford saying no to Pfizer.’

Another follower posted this: ‘India has better Vaccines. India did not give Vaccine Mandate perhaps, we did Pfizer was not approved.

We have vaccinated close to Billion people. Certificates, appointments done online Digitally. Society did not divide during a massive pandemic. This is Leadership & Trust.’

Pfizer in the news

At the beginning of this month, we were revealing that Daily Mail notes that Pfizer and its partner, BioNTech, have officially submitted data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have its vaccine authorized for use in children aged six months to four years old.

The company has just revealed the planned move, following reports earlier in the day that the regulatory agency was urging them to submit an application soon.

The online publication mentioned above notes the fact that this would also make the U.S. the world’s only nation to approve the Pfizer vaccine for children under five.

This is what Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said. He continued and revealed:

‘If two doses are authorized, parents will have the opportunity to begin a COVID-19 vaccination series for their children while awaiting potential authorization of a third dose.”

Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about all this. 

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