Immunity, Flu, And Aging: What Happens To Some Immune Cells As We Age?

Immunity, Flu, And Aging: What Happens To Some Immune Cells As We Age?

According to the latest reports, some interesting changes are taking place in our bodies as we get old. Check out what happens to some immunity cells below. 

Immunity cells and aging – flu virus 

It’s been just reported that the latest research from the U-M Medical School published in Nature Communications provides clues as to why older people are more susceptible to the flu.

According to the latest reports, Judy Chen, a Ph.D. candidate, led the study. The team’s purpose in investigating was to understand why cells called “alveolar macrophages,” the lungs’ first line of defense, are “compromised with age.”

The same reports note that the alveolar macrophages are immune cells and these cells attacked invaders.

“Examples of invaders include the flu virus. The cells live in tiny air sacs, known as alveoli, within the lungs. The most intriguing discovery of the study was that these particular immune cells seem to “be lost with aging.””

We suggest that you check out the original article in order to learn more details about all this. 

News about covid boosters

Speaking of the flu, we also have some new data to reveal about the covid booster released by Moderna. 

The covid vaccines and boosters are still in the news despite their inefficiency in preventing transmission. Check out the latest reports coming from Moderna below.

The data indicate that Moderna’s new booster generates significantly higher levels of neutralizing antibodies against the subvariant, BA.5, and another omicron subvariant, BA.4, than the previous booster.

A new study by Moderna revealed the fact that its updated coronavirus booster strengthens a key component of the immune system’s defense against the omicron subvariant that accounted for most infections in the United States in recent months.

The company revealed the findings in a news release Monday. “The underlying data has not yet been published or peer-reviewed, but it has been reviewed by federal regulators,” according to the latest reports

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