Ice Cube Refuses Covid Vaccine, Despite Losing $9 Million Movie Paycheck

Ice Cube Refuses Covid Vaccine, Despite Losing $9 Million Movie Paycheck

The covid vaccines have been making headlines all over the world. Some people could not be more excited to get them, while others are not too excited about getting the jabs due to the potential side effects that these vaccines might have on some individuals. 

This is a stringent subject among celebrities as well, and the latest celebrity involved in a new scandal regarding covid vaccines is Ice Cube. Check out the latest news below.

Fox Business and more important websites have recently revealed that Ice Cube reportedly backed out of a $9 million paycheck on a movie because he refused to get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Refusing covid vaccination 

The singer and actor was supposed to star opposite Jack Black in the comedy “Oh Hell No.” But, it’s been revealed that according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, he decided he would rather step away from the project than comply with a production mandate to get the vaccine.

The outlet reported that Ice Cube has initially agreed to be in “Oh Hell No” in June with the expectation that it would shoot this winter in Hawaii with Kitao Sakurai, the director behind Netflix’s recent hit comedy “Bad Trip.”

On the other hand, it’s important to note the fact that production on the film was reportedly pushed back as a result of an injury that Black suffered while filming a bit for the final episode of “Conan.”

More sources have reportedly told the outlet that by walking away from the film, Ice Cube turned his back on a $9 million payday.

Digital green pass in the news

The digital covid green pass has been triggering massive backlash worldwide, and it seems that a new fight against making it mandatory is in the European Parliament.

A few days ago, some members of the European Parliament (Cristian Terheş (ECR, RO), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (NI, HR), Francesca Donato (Italy, NI), Christine Anderson (Germany, ID)) had a significant conference explaining the reasons for which the green pass should not become mandatory in order to be able to work or enter various essential locations.


The MEPs are also comparing the mandatory covid green pass with totalitarian China and its social credit system. 

Stay tuned for more news and also make sure that you and all of your loved ones are staying safe as well. 


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