Fauci Drops Terrible News Ahead Of The Holidays About The Omicron Covid Variant

Fauci Drops Terrible News Ahead Of The Holidays About The Omicron Covid Variant

The novel coronavirus triggers a terrible disease that can be a nightmare for some people – covid 19. The virus has been seeing various mutations lately, and the most severe of all of them seems to be Omicron, according to experts.

We keep addressing this new covid variant and it seems that vaccine manufactures are working hard to try and fix things related to this one as well.

The Omicron covid variant is terrifying the world these days. Vaccine manufactures are promising to make their boosters appropriate for this new variant as well, as you will see in the latest news below.

Omicron covid variant is terrifying the world

The new variant is called Omicron. Experts are currently investigating whether mutations are making the variant more infectious or evading immune response.

The Wall Street Journal just noted that the fast-spreading Omicron coronavirus variant was recently identified in South Africa.


It seems that this has virologists and health authorities on edge because of its many mutations, but much about its infectiousness and virulence remains unknown.

“Scientists said some of the roughly 50 mutations on the new variant, called B.1.1.529, could potentially render it more transmissible or reduce vaccine effectiveness.”

Reuters notes that BioNTech said on Friday it expects more data on a worrying new coronavirus variant detected in South Africa within two weeks to help determine whether its vaccine produced with partner Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) would have to be reworked.

Fauci drops news about the new covid variant Omicron 

Fauci drops news about the novel variant of covid 19. Check out the video and see what he has to say about all this.

CNN notes that Dr. Anthony Fauci shared that it’s possible the Omicron Covid-19 variant is already in the US during an NBC interview.

People are trying to protect themselves with the help of vaccines and viable treatments. 

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