Fauci Addresses Claims That Say He Wants To Keep People Terrified Of Covid 19

Fauci Addresses Claims That Say He Wants To Keep People Terrified Of Covid 19

It’s been reported that Anthony Fauci is accused of overhyping the covid pandemic. 

Did Fauci overhype the pandemic?

It’s been just reported that the health expert responded to claims made by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) — namely that he was intentionally overhyping information about COVID-19 in an effort to keep Americans scared.

Fauci speaks to CNN

According to the latest reports, Fauci spoke with CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Sunday’s broadcast of “State of the Union,” and Tapper asked him to respond to Johnson’s claims that he was “overhyping” the coronavirus pandemic. Johnson likened to Fauci’s response to HIV/AIDS decades earlier – it’s with noting that he had “overhyped” that as well.

“Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said this week that you have been using coronavirus to keep Americans in fear and maintain control. Take a listen,” Tapper said, rolling tape of Johnson.

He continued and said the following: 

“He did the exact same thing with AIDS. He overhyped it. He created all kinds of fear saying it could affect the entire population, when it couldn’t. And he is doing – using the exact same playbook with COVID.”

Check out this relevant tweet: 

Pfizer covid pill new details are here 

Not too long ago, we were revealing that Mikael Dolsten, Pfizer’s chief scientific officer, says that during the SARS outbreak in 2003, company scientists had begun to search for ways to combat that coronavirus.

Credit: Pixabay.com
Credit: Pixabay.com

In particular, they looked for proteins crucial for the virus to replicate once it infected someone. Pfizer focused on protein virus needs for replication, according to the publication. 
One viral protein they focused on is called a protease.

“We have learned that protease is a key regulator for the virus to unleash its machinery and hijack the human cells,” Dolsten said. 

Stay tuned for more news. 

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