FAQ – What Comes After Covid Variant Omicron

FAQ – What Comes After Covid Variant Omicron

The novel coronavirus is a subject that will probably soon come to an end – at least the massive fuss that’s been surrounding it for more than two years now. The variant called Omicron seems to be the best vaccine against the novel virus, and it came naturally.

Now, Nature.com addresses the answers to three important questions about the variant of this dreadful virus. 

When will the next important variant come?

“I think it is inevitable that we will see new variants with varying degrees of immune evasion.”

This is what Andrew Rambaut, who studies viral evolution at the University of Edinburgh, UK said.

He continued and said:

“They could emerge from wherever there is widespread transmission.”

The same online publication notes that these variants come regularly and we’re still not certain when the next one will pop up.

Will the next variant causes severe illness? 

The same online publication also noted that there is no guarantee that the next dominant variant will sprout from the ‘mild’ Omicron branch of the SARS-CoV-2 family tree.

“It is possible that a later variant may be back to a Delta or Alpha lineage, with sufficient immune evasion to sweep Omicron away,” says Rambaut.

Will the covid vaccines protect against novel variants?

This is an extremely important question that everyone is asking. 

One of the answers that the online publication notes is here. In general, this accumulation of exposures to SARS-CoV-2 variants should boost immunity, says infectious-disease specialist Santiago Ávila Ríos at Mexico’s National Institute of Respiratory Diseases in Mexico City. 

We suggest that you check out the complete article in order to find out more interesting answers. 

Covid vaccines in the news 

Experts who used to say that the covid vaccines which are using the mRNA tech have nothing to do with our DNA used to be bashed and called conspiracy theorists. Well, things seem to be changing now.

TechStartups.com just posted a really interesting piece detailing the mind-blowing information. Check out our previous article. 

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