Famous Expert Peter McCullough, MD Faces Scrutiny Following Covid-Related Affirmations

Famous Expert Peter McCullough, MD Faces Scrutiny Following Covid-Related Affirmations

As you probably know by now, during the covid pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about the covid vaccines, and some experts have addressed the potential risks that come together with such vaccines, especially the ones using the mRNA technology. One of them is Peter McCullough, MD. He has been talking about the massive health risks that come with the vaccines for some people’s health, and he has been seeing a lot of backlash for this matter. Now, it’s only getting worse. Check out the latest reports below.

Facing scrutiny for covid affirmations 

It’s been just reported that two doctors accused of spreading misinformation about the covid vaccines are facing challenges from state and national medical organizations.

“Peter McCullough, MD, and Sherri Tenpenny, DO, are facing scrutiny from a specialty board and a state medical board, respectively.”

The same notes coming from the online publication the MedPageToday reveals the following:

“McCullough, who is still facing a lawsuit for allegedly using his former Baylor affiliation while conducting “dozens” of media appearances to share his contentious views on covid 19 vaccines, told Steve Kirsch that his board certifications in internal medicine and cardiology were revoked last week by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).”

Check out this relevant post that we found on Twitter the other day:

This is another tweet that states what has happened to the expert:


The website mentioned above notes the following:

“ABIM’s website still lists McCullough as certified in both specialties. ABIM confirmed to MedPage Today that the information is up to date, and McCullough confirmed to MedPage Today that his status on ABIM’s website is correct, stating that he is “fully board certified” in both specialties as listed.”

Stay tuned for more news about covid-related subjects. 

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