Expert Shares How to Avoid Male Hair Loss

Expert Shares How to Avoid Male Hair Loss

According to experts, avoiding sulfates and formaldehyde containing shampoos and also eating a diet rich in iron and protein can help men avoid hair loss.

A dermatologist at Ohio State University in Columbus, Dr. Susan Massick, is encouraging men to make this useful change as soon as they notice their hairline receding.

More precisely, if you’re struggling with this common problem, you should add more beef, eggs, chickpeas, seeds, pumpkin and black beans to your diet.

The expert explains that the extra protein helps hair follicles grow while iron boosts the amount of oxygen red blood cells manage to carry to all cells.

But as mentioned before, that’s not all! Massick also stressed that some shampoos could also damage hair and also irritate the scalp which in turn leads to hair loss.

Estimates say that over half of all American men experience a level of hair loss by the age of 40.

Unfortunately, many spend a lot of money on hair loss treatments that are not even proven to work.

Fortunately, Massick talked to Insider, sharing some tips for fighting this problem in more accessible and useful ways.

  1. Make sure to include at least 5 portions of a variety of veggies every day. Whether they are fresh, dried, canned or frozen, they will still make a positive difference.
  2. Include more meals based on bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates, especially wholegrain.
  3. Get your 30 grams of fiber per day.
  4. Consume 50 grams of protein every day.
  5. 20.5 milligrams of iron daily is also recommended.
  6. Eat some dairy or alternatives such as soy drinks but make sure you choose options that are lower in sugar and fat.
  7. Ensure that you drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water every day.
  8. Avoid eating a lot of salt and saturated fat (6 grams and 20 grams, respectively.)

Hair loss can be slowed down if changes are made in the early stages, ensuring that you can keep most of your hair.

Eating a healthy diet will keep the hair strong and healthy, as per Massick.

Massick also suggested that men who suffer from hair loss should also press pause on styling their hair as it may pull on the hair follicles and weaken them.

Finally, the FDA has also stressed that sulfates and formaldehyde often found in shampoos, can irritate the scalp and trigger hair loss.

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