Expert On Covid: “Gather Only With Vaccinated Family Members For The Holidays”

Expert On Covid: “Gather Only With Vaccinated Family Members For The Holidays”

The news about the novel coronavirus and the terrible disease that it can trigger continues. It’s been revealed that the FDA has signed off on covid booster shots for adults.

CBS notes that at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Michael Osterholm worries about the weeks ahead in Minnesota.

“This thing is far from over,” he said.

Spike in covid cases 

According to the reports, he believes it’s still too early to determine why one geographic area will see a spike in covid cases over another.

He also made sure to say that we all play a part in the size of that surge through vaccinations and boosters in a state about 75% vaccinated.

“A quarter unvaccinated still represents a lot of human wood for this coronavirus forest fire to burn and that’s what’s happening,” Osterholm said.

He continued and said the following:

“We are beginning to see an increasing number of breakthrough cases people who have been vaccinated six or more months for which that’s why we now recommend the booster so that can help alleviate,” he added.

Osterholm thinks the definition of fully vaccinated could soon change to include boosters.

Covid prevention 

There are all kinds of treatments that turned out effective against the novel coronavirus-produced disease, covid 19. Now, AstraZeneca is making headlines due to its own treatment. 

CNBC revealed that AstraZeneca’s antibody treatment has been shown to be highly effective at preventing Covid-19 in people who may not respond well to vaccines. This is according to new clinical trial results.

Credit:, Darwin Laganzon
Credit:, Darwin Laganzon

The official notes revealed that the data showed that patients given a single injection of the antibody treatment, known as AZD7442, were 83% less likely to develop symptomatic cases of the covid 19 than participants who were given a placebo.

Stray tuned for more news and make sure to stay safe as well. 

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