Europe Is Under Covid Attack – Covid Restrictions Are Implemented As WHO Warns Half A Million Could Die In Europe

Europe Is Under Covid Attack – Covid Restrictions Are Implemented As WHO Warns Half A Million Could Die In Europe

Just like other European countries, Denmark is now considering putting new restrictions in place amidst massive reinfections with the novel disease.

It’s been revealed that the continent battles a surge of Covid-19 cases and this managed to push the region back into the epicenter of the pandemic.
Europe is battling to beat back surges of the Delta variant amid the relaxation of restrictions and stuttering vaccine rollouts – this is what CNN recently reported in one of their newest articles.

WHO warns half a million Europeans could die 

The same piece notes that the WHO is warning half a million Europeans could die of Covid-19 in a potentially devastating winter.
Now as other parts of the world reopen, Europe could again be facing a winter of renewed clampdowns, according to the notes. 


CNN noted that at the beginning of this week, the Danish government proposed reintroducing a digital “corona pass” – this will reportedly be used as proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test for entering bars and restaurants. This is all according to the latest reports coming from the Reuters press agency. 

“This measure will be subject to parliamentary approval. But it comes against the urgent new backdrop of steadily rising cases — from a low of just over 200 daily infections in mid-September to around 2,300 in recent days.”

Denmark is not the only country that is making such moves. Austria this week banned unvaccinated people from restaurants and hotels and, more than that, Iceland reintroduced masks and social-distancing rules following a rise.

Vaccines’ efficiency is under debate 

The efficiency of covid vaccines has been debated for a really long time now. Check out the latest reports, which are pretty interesting about the issue. 

CNN Health posted an interesting article about an individual who received the second gift of life. Check out the notes below.
The article begins by saying that ‘Double-masking, staying at home nearly 24/7 and rarely seeing people beyond his wife are still the way of life for kidney transplant recipient Andrew Linder, even after many in the United States are living as the pandemic has ended.” Check out the full story in this previous article. 

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