Digital Green Pass Fight Begins In The European Parliament: MEPs Protest Covid Pass [Video]

Digital Green Pass Fight Begins In The European Parliament: MEPs Protest Covid Pass [Video]

The digital covid green pass has been triggering massive backlash all over the world, and it seems that a new fight against making it mandatory is in the European Parliament.

New fight against the mandatory Covid Digital Green Certificate begins in the EP

The other day, a few members of the European Parliament (Cristian Terheş (ECR, RO), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (NI, HR), Francesca Donato (Italy, NI), Christine Anderson (Germany, ID)) had an extremely important conference explaining the reasons for which the green pass should not become mandatory in order to be able to work or enter various essential locations.

The MEPs are also comparing the mandatory covid green pass with totalitarian China and its social credit system. 


You can see the complete conference video on YouTube. The description of the clip reads the following:

“In this video you will see the powerful speech from multiple Members of European Parliament coming up for our rights as European citizens and the right for European Parliament workers to enter the building without a Digital Green Certificate! Imposing such a measure doesn’t only mean that workers just cannot go to work, opposing this means Members of Parliament cannot enter the place where they defend our rights, where they talk FOR the people.”

The group of MEPs is against the European Parliament’s plans to impose a digital green pass next week in order to gain access to its buildings.

Among these members, there is the 42-year old Romanian conservative MEP Cristian Terhes, who told reporters in Brussels that the parliament is stripping away people’s rights and freedoms.

YouTube video

Just in case you don’t know, as of the start of November, MEPs and staff working at the institution will be required to present a covid green digital pass in order to enter its premises.

Obviously, this triggered powerful reactions among the members of this institution who are not vaccinated for various reasons. 

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital proof that a person has either:

  • been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • received a negative test result or
  • recovered from COVID-19

The MEPs also made sure to highlight the fact that the certificate was originally created to allow free and safe circulation in the EU countries and the ways in which it is being used today is nothing but a colossal abuse. 

Important motion from the EP

Speaking of the European Parliament, a few days ago, we revealed that more data is slowly getting out about the numbers of victims following the covid 19 vaccines, according to the official notes coming from the European Parliament. 

On the official website of the EP, we can see the official data regarding a motion for a European Parliament resolution on creating a European compensation fund for victims of the covid 19 vaccines. Check out the complete details available about all this. 

Stay tuned for more news and make sure to stay safe as well. 

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