Covid World Fight Continues: The Latest News About Treatments

Covid World Fight Continues: The Latest News About Treatments

While more and more experts are explicitly focused on covid 19 vaccines, there are doctors and specialists worldwide who are working on specific treatments against the disease.

The Jerusalem Post just revealed some pretty comforting news about covid potential treatments that are being studied these days and that could turn out saving lives. 

Exciting news about covid treatments comes from Israel

The online publication mentioned above noted that after 18 months of dedicated work by scientists and doctors worldwide, there are all kinds of promising results of new drugs to treat the terrible disease triggered by the novel coronavirus. 
Israel continues to play a significant role in the fight for a cure for corona.
The exact online publication noted that earlier this month, the American company Merck announced that it had applied for emergency use authorization from the US FDA for its oral antiviral medicine Molnupiravir.
“The drug, when given within the first five days of the onset of the virus, was found effective for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults who are at risk of progressing to severe illness and possible hospitalization,” The Jerusalem Post article noted. 

First patient

The same publication continued and noted that the first patient to be given Molnupiravir during its Phase II trial was in Israel at Hadassah University Medical Center, under the oversight of Prof. Yossi Caraco.
“In the beginning, everyone was focused on the really sick patients.”


This is what Caraco recalled.

“I thought the approach of [targeting] moderate patients would be beneficial and was really eager to take part in this study. We were chosen.”

It’s been also revealed that according to the latest reports, almost 100 million people all over the nation are now eligible to get the Covid booster shots. 

Stay tuned for more news about the novel virus and the solutions that are being developed. 

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