Covid Vaccines: J&J As Effective As Pfizer And Moderna, The New York Times Says

Covid Vaccines: J&J As Effective As Pfizer And Moderna, The New York Times Says

It’s been just revealed that it seems that J&J covid vaccine’s efficiency is just as high as the one that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have. Check out the latest reports revealed by The New York Times. 

The NYT notes that even if the vaccine was once dismissed as less effective, now seems to be preventing infections and illness as well as the two mRNA options.

J&J vaccine against covid is efficient 

It’s been recently revealed that roughly 17 million Americans received the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine, only to be told later that it was the least protective of the options available in the United States.

Now, it seems that the game is changing and new data suggest that the vaccine is now preventing infections, hospitalizations and deaths at least as well as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.


It’s been revealed that the accumulating data nonetheless offer considerable reassurance to recipients of the vaccine and, if confirmed, have broad implications for its deployment in parts of the world.

“Johnson & Johnson has at least temporarily shut down the only plant making usable batches of the vaccine. But the South Africa-based Aspen Pharmacare is gearing up to supply large quantities to the rest of the continent. Only about 13 percent of Africans are fully vaccinated, and only about 1 percent have received a booster dose.”

The same vaccine was billed as an attractive option for communities with limited access to health care. According to the latest reports, the vaccine seemed to produce a weaker initial immune response, and more people who got the single-dose vaccine had breakthrough infections. These results were compared with those who got two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, the mRNA vaccines.

The vaccine’s reputation is recovering 

It’s also important to note that the vaccine’s reputation never fully recovered.

Now, on the other hand, news says otherwise: more recent data suggest that it has more than held its own against its competitors.

“We’ve been aware that J.&J. has been kind of downgraded in people’s minds,” Dr. Gail-Bekker said. But “it punches above its weight for a single-dose vaccine.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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