Covid Vaccines And Menstrual Cycle Changes Are Real – New Studies

Covid Vaccines And Menstrual Cycle Changes Are Real – New Studies

There’s been a lot of fuss among people following the covid 19 vaccines and the potential side effects that these could have on our health. Check out some new reports about the menstrual cycles in women following vaccinations against covid 19. 

It’s been just reported that it’s been finally admitted that women may experience “a small, but temporary, delay in their menstrual cycle after receiving a COVID shot, a new study finds.”


The delay was, on average, less than one day and, for most women, it resolved after the first cycle post-vaccination, according to this research. This was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The results mirrored the findings of an earlier U.S. study, according to the very same notes

A commenter left this message in the comments section:

“But remember all you vaccinated people, it was mandatory vaccine shots and boosters or get fired. But you can enter this country illegally and be exempt. And no less this transparent dictatorship democratic government opened up our Mexican borders on January 21 2021 during a pandemic.”

Someone else hopped in the comments and said this: “I’m 49 and my cycle has only been maybe 4 days for years now. I got 2 covid shots, then got covid. My cycle now lasts 7-8 days. it seems to drag on forever now.”

Pfizer exec addresses covid vaccines in Europe

It’s been just reported that he has “categorically” ruled out that the pharma giant’s chief executive agreed on the European COVID-19 contract via mobile phone text messages.

According to fresh reports, the executive was involved in negotiating a covid vaccine bulk supply agreement with the European Commission.

“The European Commission signed a third contract with BioNTech SE and Pfizer for an additional 1.8 billion doses of its COVID-19 vaccine,” Benzinga’s official website notes. Check out the previous article in order to learn more news. 

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