Covid Vaccine Vs. Getting Fired: Check Out What Thousands Of Workers Chose

Covid Vaccine Vs. Getting Fired: Check Out What Thousands Of Workers Chose

More and more people are losing their jobs these days due to the lack of the green pass. 

NPR. org is addressing the issue of mandatory vaccines in a new article.

The piece begins by telling readers that for 33 years, Karl Bohnak worked at his dream job delivering weather forecasts on TV for what he considers one of the most challenging but beautiful spots in the United States — Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

“I just did not want to take the shot,” says Bohnak, who is 68. “I felt it was my right as a human being and a citizen of the U.S. to decide what I put in my body.”

Controversial issues about mandatory covid vaccines

The same article notes that these workers represent only a tiny fraction of overall employees, not even 1% in some workplaces. On the other hand, it’s important to note the fact that these can add up to thousands of people in many states.

Washington state reports the following:

“nearly 1,900 state workers, including the head football coach at Washington State University, have quit or been fired for refusing the vaccine. In Michigan, 400 workers at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit walked away from their jobs.”

The article also noted the fact that their resistance has stirred great condemnation and controversy.

A lot of people are viewing unvaccinated workers as a potential risk to the workplace.


It’s also important to note the fact that more and more people have already accepted and even embraced the science showing vaccines protect not only you but those around you.

But there are also a lot of individuals who still do not want to comply. Stay tuned for more news about this issue, and make sure to stay safe as well. 

While more and more experts are explicitly focused on covid 19 vaccines, there are doctors and specialists worldwide who are working on specific treatments against the disease. Check out our previous article for the latest news on this subject. 

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