Covid Vaccine News: Rare Brain Bleed Side Effect Kills 34 Year Old Woman

Covid Vaccine News: Rare Brain Bleed Side Effect Kills 34 Year Old Woman

The terrifying news about various covid vaccine side effects continues to be released. Check out the latest mind-blowing reports below. 

It’s been just reported that a woman died after a “catastrophic” bleed on her brain, caused by Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT). This is an extremely rare side effect of the covid 19 vaccine, an inquest heard.

Here’s what Business Insider notes: 

“Kim Lockwood, aged 34, from Rotherham, England, began experiencing horrific headaches eight days after the dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in March 2021.”

As her condition worsened, she was taken to Rotherham hospital, where she was pronounced dead 17 hours on March 24.

The same important online publication just noted that South Yorkshire Coroner Nicola Mundy said Lockwood had been “extremely unlucky,” and by the time she was seen, there would have been no way to help her, the BBC reported.

The notes also revealed that at the time Lockwood’s death, there was very sparse information about the relationship between the covid 19 jab and VITT, Mundy said, adding that now “medical advances” mean the condition is better understood.

Business Insider notes that so far, the UK Government states that there have been 438 reported cases of thromboembolic events (blood clotting) and 78 deaths after an estimated 24.9 million first doses and 24.2 million second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. 

Vaccine companies during the pandemic 

Pharmaceutical companies have been making loads of money during this pandemic and this is not a secret anymore. Check out the latest reports coming from CNBC.

It’s been just revealed that Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel has sold $408 million in company stock since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. This is reportedly averaging roughly $3.6 million a week — as the company’s stock soared on the development and rollout of its Covid vaccine, according to CNBC’s analysis of the company’s securities filings.

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