Covid Treatment Breakthrough: Lung Autopsies Reveal New Data

Covid Treatment Breakthrough: Lung Autopsies Reveal New Data

The news about the novel coronavirus and the health disasters that it can trigger continues. It’s been just revealed that the novel virus can prevent lung tissue repair and regeneration. Check out the available reports about this matter below.

Lung autopsies of covid 19 patients reveal data about potential treatment just noted that the lung autopsy and plasma samples from people who died of the terrible disease had provided a clearer picture of how the virus spreads and damages lung tissue.

It’s been reported that the scientists at the National Institutes of Health and their collaborators say the information, published in Science Translational Medicine, could help predict severe and prolonged covid 19 cases, especially among high-risk people, and inform effective treatments.


It’s been also reported that the scientists say their data revealed trends that could help develop new therapeutics and fine-tune when to use existing therapeutics at different stages of the disease progression, according to the official notes. 

The data includes details about the following:

“how the novel coronavirus spreads in the lungs, manipulates the immune system, causes widespread thrombosis that does not resolve, and targets signaling pathways that promote lung failure, fibrosis and impair tissue repair.”

It’s also worth noting the fact that experts said that the data are particularly relevant to caring for covid patients who are elderly, obese, or have diabetes; all these are considered high-risk populations for severe cases.

New Pfizer vaccine data is out

In other recent news earlier today, we revealed that the rapid proliferation of the vaccine, under contracts negotiated between the company and governments, has unfolded behind a veil of strict secrecy.

This allowed for little public scrutiny of Pfizer’s burgeoning power, even as demand surges amid new negotiations for one of the world’s most sought-after products.

Check out more shocking news about Pfizer in our previous article. 

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