Covid News: JPMorgan Ends Ban On Hiring Unvaccinated People

Covid News: JPMorgan Ends Ban On Hiring Unvaccinated People

It seems that people who were never fond of the covid vaccine are starting to see the light at the end of the stunned. They have been bashed by a whole world, and their freedoms have been stripped in a lot of places on the planet. 

They lost their jobs, they were not allowed to travel, and so on. Now, things seem to be chaining as we speak. Check out the latest reports on the matter.

JPMorgan ends ban on hiring unvaccinated people

It’s been just revealed that JPMorgan Chase & Co. is planning to get rid of its ban on hiring unvaccinated individuals beginning next month.

According to the latest reports, in a memo to employees observed by Bloomberg, the largest bank in the country said it will also stop the practice of mandatory testing for workers without the vaccine starting April 4. It’s been also revealed that they will end the requirement for employees to report covid 19 cases. More than that, according to the latest reports, masking in the corporate offices will also be optional for all staff, vaccinated or unvaccinated, starting immediately.

“Across the U.S., as we continue to see cases decline, restrictions lifted and more flexibility with daily activities, we are learning to live with Covid as part of our new normal.”

This is what the bank said in its memo. Bloomberg added this: 

“New York City employees must continue to meet vaccination requirements, unless the city lifts its order, it said.”

It’s important to note the fact that a lot of businesses and large corporations are beginning to change their guidance regarding covid 19. 

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Bloomberg added the following:

“Wells Fargo & Co. is planning to bring employees back to the office from Monday after its plans were repeatedly upended due to the surging virus. Citigroup Inc. is calling vaccinated staff in the U.S. back to the office for at least two days a week starting the week of March 21.”

Stay tuned for more news and also make sure to remain safe because the pandemic is not over yet. 

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