Covid Booster Jabs Could Arrive By Thanksgiving For Everyone

Covid Booster Jabs Could Arrive By Thanksgiving For Everyone

The covid booster shots have been making headlines a lot lately. Now, it’s been revealed by CNBC that the covid vaccine booster shots could be on the horizon for all U.S. adults. More than that, according to new research, the move might be just in time.

During the course of this week, Pfizer asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize booster shots of its vaccine for all Americans age 18 and older.

The same online publication mentioned above notes that the FDA could approve the request before Thanksgiving, according to the New York Times.

It’s been also reported that Moderna is expected to submit a similar request to the FDA “soon,” the Times noted.

More than that, it’s been also revealed that new batch of eligibility would still need to be cleared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before becoming official.


CNBC also said that if the FDA and CDC approve Pfizer’s request, every U.S. adult who’s currently fully vaccinated will become booster-eligible. The official notes reveal that the only people who can get booster shots are:

“those ages 65 and older
adults with a high risk of exposure to Covid, due to their jobs or living situations
adults with certain underlying medical conditions that put them at risk of severe illness from Covid
anyone who got Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine
Nearly 25 million U.S. adults have gotten a Covid vaccine booster shot so far, according to CDC data.”

Boosting vaccination rates 

More news about vaccine mandates is out. It’s been just revealed that Singapore will no longer cover medical bills for covid 19 patients who have chosen not to get vaccinated. 

The government, which has been covering the full cost of covid care for Singaporean citizens and permanent or long-term residents during the pandemic, just revealed the new policy this week.

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