Covid-19 Vaccine Now Part of the Recommended Immunization Schedule for Young Kids!

Covid-19 Vaccine Now Part of the Recommended Immunization Schedule for Young Kids!

According to some new reports, the Covid-19 vaccine has now officially been added to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization recommended schedule for all young kids and teenagers.

The modification was initially approved back in the month of October by the advisory committee on immunization practices, which consists of many top professionals in medicine and other experts in public health.

With that being said, earlier this week, the updated schedule has finally been made public as well, the news taking some by surprise.

Depending on the vaccine being used, the committee now officially advises giving children as young as 6 and up to 17 years of age the 2 dose primary vaccine series 3 to 8 weeks apart, as well as the bivalent or booster shot at least 8 weeks after they have received the second vaccine dose.

According to the official CDE website, the schedule’s goal is to protect both infants and children by giving them some necessary immunity at a rather young age, before they are truly exposed to illnesses that can very well be fatal to them.

The schedule provides advice to parents but also to medical professionals but does not necessarily impose vaccinations.

It is worth mentioning that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, including the bivalent booster, currently have emergency use authorization for young ones aged 6 months and up, but they do not yet have full FDA approval.

More precisely, emergency use authorization is now available for the 2 dose primary series of Novavax Covid vaccines for all citizens 12 years of age and older.

In California, 67 percent of teens aged between 12 and 17 as well as a third of children aged 5 to 11 have already been immunized against COVID.

The California Department of Public Health reports that Covid-19 has been linked to no less than 92 deaths of kids aged 17 or younger there since March of 2020.

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