Covid 19 Vaccination Dubbed As ‘Relatively Safe’ as Dozens of Children Die

Covid 19 Vaccination Dubbed As ‘Relatively Safe’ as Dozens of Children Die

Despite the fact that covid 19 vaccination turned out deadly for some children, authorities and authors reveal that this whole operation is “relatively safe.” Check out more details about what’s been killing children, among others.

Covid 19 vaccination dubbed safe following kids’ deaths 

The Epoch Times notes the fact that the covid 19 vaccines are killing kids. The author of a new article posted the following:

” as an author and editor, I have always lived by a principle of medical publication that the conclusions must be supported by the data presented. Many have asked me why do doctors still support COVID-19 vaccination with all safety data systems reporting record mortality after injection—many cases occurring on the same day or in the next few days after administration? The reason may be what doctors are concluding from the data in peer-reviewed manuscripts does not match the information disclosed.”

Villa-Zapata and coworkers published a report from VAERS on the “safety” of COVID-19 vaccination in children age 5 to 17 and in the data table, there are 56 deaths! Also listed are other potentially fatal complications such as anaphylaxis and myocarditis. The authors concluded that covid vaccination in children is “relatively safe.” This is beyond terrifying. 

It’s been reported the fact that the mRNA vaccines are coming for the food supply. Check out the latest reports about this disturbing info below.

Eat your vaccines 

Here’s an important tweet that everyone should see.

The Daily Clout notes the following:

They’ve given up on a needle in every arm. Now they’re coming for what you eat.
“I’ve got documents from the NIH – from 2002 – talking about integrating vaccines into foods,” announced attorney Tom Renz in an eye-opening interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf. “They’ve been working on integrating these [vaccines] into our food supply. They’ve been working on it for at least two decades.”

Stay tuned for more important news. 

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