Covid 19 Infection Cover-Up Story Worldwide Surfaces

Covid 19 Infection Cover-Up Story Worldwide Surfaces

As you probably know by now, we kept reporting about the devastating news regarding the originals of covid 19 and the actual agenda behind it all. Now, more and more information gets leaked, and the majority of mainstream media continues to remain silent.

Here’s what we have new about the issue below. addresses the massive covid 19 cover-up 

The article posted by begins by stating that covid 19 was first recognized in the UK in late January 2020.

“a major wave of infection became obvious in February and March 2020, when the Government panicked and on the advice of SAGE and modelers, introduced a totally unnecessary lockdown as, by the time it was introduced, the first wave was decreasing. In retrospect, the virus was clearly in Europe in November and December, and although a wave of acute illness was first recognized in Wuhan in November 2019, there were reports of a similar disease as far back as September 2019,” according to the online publication. 

After going through all the phases of the pandemic, including the lockdowns and more, the article finishes with a really sad statement overall.

“Covid is a respiratory virus, and lockdown should never have been entertained. The only time for lockdown is for a highly infectious disease, such as Ebola, and it was clear from the beginning we were NOT dealing with an agent that kills 70 percent of the people it infects.

What lessons have we learned from this?”

The same article notes that “Essentially none, but in future any new threat, infectious disease or pandemic must be addressed with open scientific debate and not the complete suppression of the truth, secrecy, and coverup which unfortunately George Orwell foresaw as far back at 1948 as a possible dystopian terrifying future.”

Pfizer covid vaccines scandal

Project Veritas released another video featuring the director that talked about the horrors of the Pfizer injections. Not too long ago, I was revealing that a hidden camera video surfaced showing a Pfizer director leaking info about what they have been doing with the covid 19 virus and how they are mutating it in order to come up with more “saviour” vaccines.

Pfizer is manipulating covid 19 virus for the company’s profit. The mind-blowing video has just surfaced, showing a Pfizer official talking about how they plan to make money off the vaccines against the novel coronavirus. Check out the previous article in order to learn more details about all this. 

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