Covid-19 in Europe: Several Countries Bring Back Restrictions as Daily New Cases Soar

Covid-19 in Europe: Several Countries Bring Back Restrictions as Daily New Cases Soar

The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, although many European countries have struggled to vaccinate over 70 % of their populations. The U.K reported 40,954 new cases, and sources speculate that a new plan with more restrictions could happen if cases continue to surge. The WHO has concluded that the pandemic will continue for a while and that next-generation vaccines might be helpful in better controlling the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 


Several countries are planning to or have already introduced new restrictions


  • Belgium officials introduced several restrictions due to a surge in hospitalizations and daily cases of Covid-19. Some of them include wearing a face mask in public places, restaurants, bars, and fitness club staff must follow a mask mandate, and the general public can enter these businesses with a Covid pass. 


  • In Romania, face masks are mandatory in public places; besides essential shops, such as pharmacies and some food markets, the green pass is mandatory in all other places. The Covid-19 Green can be obtained after vaccination or for those who recently recovered from the infection. This means Covid-19 tests are no longer accepted for a green pass. Stores will be open until 21 hours, and bars and clubs are closed. Night-time quarantine became a reality for those unvaccinated, and the hospital system is almost collapsing. 


  • Norwegian authorities decided to resume restrictions due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Those who want to travel to the Northern European country need to check what color the Norwegian health authorities have assigned the country from where they are traveling from. Travelers from red, dark red, grey, and purple countries must take a PCR test when arriving in Norway and stay in quarantine for ten days. 


  • Residents of Latvia are under lockdown until November 15. Its neighbor country, Estonia, might implement new restrictions due to the fourth wave; however, Estonia’s health minister hopes to avoid lockdown. 

As the Delta variant continues to spread, it is best to check all restrictions and mandates before traveling to another country. 


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