Covid 19 and Diabetes: Experts Analyze Connection

Covid 19 and Diabetes: Experts Analyze Connection

It’s been just revealed that experts are asking themselves if diabetes can be linked to the novel coronavirus. More scientists in the US and more countries are investigating whether a connection between the health conditions can be more than a coincidence.

APNews posted an article in which they are addressing the case of an 11-year-old who star5t5ed losing weight and drinking a lot of water. This happened following a mild case of covid 19 that he had six months ago and it seems that he developed diabetes. 

The same online publication mentioned above notes that in people who already have diabetes, covid 19 can worsen this condition and it can also trigger severe complications. 

Official notes revealed that more emerging evidence shows that the coronavirus — like some other viruses — can attack insulin-producing cells in the pancreas — a process that might trigger at least temporary diabetes in susceptible people.

“Rising cases might also reflect circumstances involving pandemic restrictions, including delayed medical care for early signs of diabetes or unhealthy eating habits and inactivity in people already at risk for Type 2 diabetes.”

It’s been also revealed that a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report looked at two large U.S. insurance databases that included new diabetes cases from March 2020 through June 2021.

“Diabetes was substantially more common in kids who’d had COVID-19. The report didn’t distinguish between Type 1, which typically starts in childhood, and Type 2, the kind tied to obesity.”

Check out the complete original article in order to learn more available details about this potential connection.

Unidentified covid variant 

The other day, we revealed that two Israelis who returned to Israel from abroad were found to be carrying a combination of omicron and the infectious BA.2 variant of coronavirus, which has not been sequenced elsewhere in the world.

It’s also important to note the fact that the two patients tested positive after undergoing a PCR test upon landing at Ben-Gurion International airport, and their samples were sequenced in Israel.

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