Common Cold Gives Protection Against Covid 19, New Study Reveals

Common Cold Gives Protection Against Covid 19, New Study Reveals

There have been a lot of assumptions regarding what could offer us protection against the novel virus and the disease that it can trigger, Covid 19. 

Amidst all kinds of speculation, a new study reveals something pretty impressive and exciting at the same time. 

The publication The Daily Wire just noted that natural defenses provided by the common cold may give some level of protection against covid 19, according to new research.

New research reveals impressive data 

“The small-scale study, published in Nature Communications, involved 52 individuals who lived with someone who had just caught COVID-19.”

This is what the BBC reported.

This latest research revealed that those who had developed a so-called “memory bank” of certain immune cells following a common cold infection appeared to be less likely to contract COVID-19.

“But the experts caution that it would be a ‘grave mistake’ to think that anyone who had recently had a cold was automatically protected against COVID-19 — as not all are caused by coronaviruses,” the BBC added.

The University of Reading’s Dr. Simon Clarke said that this small study could improve researchers’ understanding of immune system response, as well as adding to the development of future vaccines.

“These data should not be over-interpreted. It seems unlikely that everyone who has died or had a more serious infection, has never had a cold caused by a coronavirus,” Dr. Clarke said.


He continued and revealed the following: 

“And it could be a grave mistake to think that anyone who has recently had a cold is protected against COVID-19, as coronaviruses only account for 10-15% of colds.”

The latest on coronavirus 

Earlier today, we revealed that there are some mind-blowing covid documents allegedly coming from DARPA that have just been leaked by Project Veritas. 

Check out the thread with docs from DARPA which remain to be fully analyzed and confirmed. The subject is about covid and potential treatments and you can find them in our previous article. 

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