Cholera Hits A Country In Chaos – Here Are The Details

Cholera Hits A Country In Chaos – Here Are The Details

2022 is not the easiest year, and there are more troubles ahead, especially for some countries. Check out the latest reports about a cholera outbreak below.

Cholera hits a country in chaos

Accoridng to the latest reports, the deadly disease has broken out in Lebanon for the first time since 1993 – doctors fear the ‘failed state’ will soon be overwhelmed

When Shadia Ratwan Al Ahmad’s four-year-old became severely ill with diarrhea and vomiting last week, it was just the latest of life’s challenges for this Syrian refugee living in northern Lebanon.

“It was terrifying,” Ms Ahmad told The Telegraph this week outside her tent.

She said that she watched her daughter’s eyes become dull as she faded from exhaustion. “It was the first time one of my children got that sick.”

“The reason we are worried is because of the conditions of the infrastructure which are conducive to an even wider spread,” Firass Abiad, the Health Minister, told The Telegraph.

The online publication mentioned above notes that “cholera was the great pandemic disease of the 19th century – a bacterial illness which causes intense diarrhoea and can kill within hours through acute dehydration.”

We suggest that you check out the complete article in order to learn more details. 

Covid 19 in the news

Speaking of disease, check out the latest on covid 19.

The Covid vaccines are still in the headlines these days, after more than two years of the pandemic. Now, it seems that China just launched its own vaccine, and you can learn more details about it below.

Shanghai started administering an inhalable covid vaccine on Wednesday in what appears to be a world first.

The vaccine consists of a mist that is sucked in through the mouth. It’s also been revealed that the vaccine is being offered for free as a booster dose for previously vaccinated individuals, according to an announcement posted on an official city social media account.

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