Chinese Firm Signed Deal With Pfizer For Covid 19 Pill

Chinese Firm Signed Deal With Pfizer For Covid 19 Pill

Pfizer continued to make headlines, and this time, the pharmaceutical company was featured all over the media due to their covid 19 pill. Last year, Pfizer was all over the news due to its covid 19 vaccine, which was also involved by massive controversies due to its potential side effects. 

Now, the latest reports reveal that Pfizer’s Covid-19 pill is one step closer to clinical use in China, with state-owned China Meheco Corp securing a deal with Pfizer to commercialize the drug within the year.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay notes that the Chinese company had signed a contract with Pfizer and was authorized to supply Paxlovid in China during the 2022 agreement period. This is what China Meheco said in a statement on Wednesday night.

Treating mild to moderate covid symptoms 

It’s also important to note the fact that last month, China’s drug regulator conditionally approved Paxlovid to treat adults with mild to moderate Covid-19 who had a high risk of becoming severely ill.

This included the elderly and patients with chronic kidney issues, cardiovascular or chronic lung disease, diabetes, and other high-risk factors for Covid-19, according to the same online publication that we cited above. 

Covid long-term effects are addressed recently and you can check out some new info below.

Restoring the sense of smell

When it comes to losing smell, experts at Jefferson Health are working to reverse the damage.

“Previously, you would go to an ENT doctor and they would say, ‘do your smell exercises’ They would give you oral steroids or nasal steroids and spray, and they would say sorry, ‘I have nothing else to offer and you are just never going to smell again.’”

This is what Dr. David Rosen with Thomas Jefferson University said. 

It’s been also revealed that now, experts are testing a method called Platelet-rich plasma or PRP. It’s plasma from the patient’s blood that’s implanted instead of an injection.

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