China’s Covid Cases Hit New High

China’s Covid Cases Hit New High

It’s been just revealed that the covid cases in China reached a new high in the past 6 months, despite their drastic measures. Check out the latest reports about this below.

China news about number of new covid cases

It’s been just revealed that China ’s Covid infection tally spiked to its highest daily record in six months. This seems to have happened despite strict lockdowns implemented across the country and impeding its economy, officials said.

“More than 5,600 new Covid infections were recorded on Monday, with nearly half concentrated in the Guangdong province housing China’s manufacturing hub of major ports, reported AFP.”

It’s been also revealed the following:

“On Friday, China recorded 3,837 new Covid infections — including 657 symptomatic cases and 3,180 asymptomatic cases.”

According to the latest reports, the authorities in Beijing also dismissed the hope for an end to the strict zero-Covid policy over the weekend and said the restrictions may not be relaxed anytime soon.

Covid in the news – Pfizer covid vaccine news is out

Not too long ago, we revealed that it seems that Pfizer continues to remain in the news amidst the latest scandal that involves the firm and the novel coronavirus. Check out the latest reports below.

It’s been just revealed that the phase 3 trial of Pfizer’s maternal RSV vaccine has found the shot lowered the rate of severe RSV in newborns by 81.8%, the company announced.


It seems that the strong result spurred the pharma giant to pause the trial and prepare to file for FDA approval.

“The news comes as the US is facing a brutal early wave of RSV infections in children, a surge that is swamping pediatric hospital units,” according to official reports. 

Official data notes that the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infects the lungs and respiratory tract, and it is so common that nearly all children have been infected at least once by the time they hit two.

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