China May Reveal 10 New Covid Measures This Week

China May Reveal 10 New Covid Measures This Week

The covid situation in China has led authorities to take more and more drastic measures regarding people’s freedoms. Check out the latest reports about new covid measures that the authorities could announce during the course of this week. 

China could reveal new covid measures this week 

Reuters press agency notes the fact that China may announce 10 new covid management measures as early as Wednesday.

This is what two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Such measures, if given, will be supplementing the 20 measures unveiled in November that set off a wave of covid-easing steps across the nation.

China may eventually downgrade its management of covid 19 as a top-level Category A infectious disease to a less strict Category B disease as early as January. This is what the sources said on Monday.

The National Health Commission did not immediately respond to a Reuters fax seeking comment, according to the official reports.

China covid-related situation 

Earlier today, we revealed that China is easing some of the world’s most stringent anti-virus controls, and authorities say that the new variants are weaker.

On the other hand, it also seems that they have yet to say when they might end a “zero-covid” strategy that confines millions of people to their homes and set off protests and demands for President Xi Jinping to resign.

According to the latest reports revealed today, Monday, commuters in Beijing and at least 16 other cities were allowed to board buses and subways without a virus test in the previous 48 hours for the first time in months.

More than that, it’s also been revealed that the Industrial centers, including Guangzhou near Hong Kong have reopened markets and businesses and lifted most curbs on movement while keeping restrictions on neighborhoods with infections.

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