California To Become An Authoritarian State? Proposed Covid Mandates Could Facilitate It

California To Become An Authoritarian State? Proposed Covid Mandates Could Facilitate It

The novel coronavirus is still lingering among us. Despite the fact that lots of nations are lifting restrictions, the virus did not just disappear in thin air, and people all over the world are still advised to be cautious. 

Check out the latest reports about California. 

Desert Sun notes that Californians face a growing threat, and they’re about to be taught the true meaning of authoritarianism.

“Currently, the most egregious and sinister bills are brewing in the Legislature’s cauldron of deception, while our state government prepares for its “COVID 2.0″ assault upon the citizenry.”

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The same publication notes the following:

“Introduced by Sen. Richard Pan, SB 866 strips away God-given parental rights. It would allow the state to vaccinate your sixth-grader without your consent, even if you object; the “consent” of an uninformed child is all that’s needed. This extremely dangerous and provocative overreach by the state rises to the level of physical assault, and it’s certain to provoke violence.”

Pan also introduced SB 1464. This one is compelling police to enforce public health orders, which are not even laws, regardless of how illegitimate or unconstitutional.

“Police or sheriff’s departments that refuse would be denied any state funding.”

We strongly suggest that you check out the complete article posted on Desert Sun in order to learn more availabe details. 

Moderna releases news about covid vaccine 

Moderna has something exciting for covid vaccine enthusiasts to put on the table these days. Check out the latest reports revealed by CNBC below.

It’s been just revealed that Moderna has reached a memorandum of understanding with Kenya to build a Covid vaccine manufacturing plant in the East African nation, the company announced Monday.

CNBC noted the following:

“Moderna plans to invest $500 million to produce messenger RNA, the technology underlying its Covid vaccines, at the facility with the goal of manufacturing 500 million doses annually. Moderna could fill Covid vaccine doses at the Kenya facility as early as 2023 subject to demand, according to the company.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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