Breaking News In Novak Djokovic Case: Court Documents Reveal Something Vital

Breaking News In Novak Djokovic Case: Court Documents Reveal Something Vital

A few days ago, we revealed that Novak Djokovic’s chance to play for a 10th Australian Open title is now hanging into limbo. noted not too long ago that the country denied him entry and canceled his visa because he failed to meet the requirements for an exemption to covid vaccination rules.

He announced on social media Tuesday that he had “exemption permission” and landed in Australia late Wednesday after receiving a medical exemption from the Victoria state government that was expected to shield him from the strict vaccination regulations in place for this year’s first major tennis tournament.

It seems that border authorities did not accept the exemption.

The Australian Border Force issued a statement saying Djokovic failed to meet entry requirements.

“The rule is very clear.”

This is what Prime Minister Scott Morrison told a news conference Thursday.

He continued and said:

“You need to have a medical exemption. He didn’t have a valid medical exemption. We make the call at the border, and that’s where it’s enforced.”

News in the Novak Djokovic’s case

CNN revealed that he was granted a medical exemption to compete in the Australian Open as he had recently recovered from Covid-19. This is what the documents published on Saturday by Australia’s Federal Circuit Court show.

Just in case you don’t know, tennis World No. 1 is confined to a temporary detention facility in Melbourne as he mounts a desperate legal challenge against the cancellation of his visa ahead of the tournament.
“Mr Djokovic had received, on 30 December 2021, a letter from the Chief Medical Officer of Tennis Australia recording that he had been provided with a ‘Medical exemption from COVID vaccination’ on the grounds that he had recently recovered from COVID,” the document said.

Djokovic’s first Covid-positive PCR test was recorded on December 16, 2021, and after not showing signs of a fever or “respiratory symptoms” he later applied for a medical exemption to compete in the Australian Open, according to the court filing.

Check out more data in the original reports in order to learn all the available info on the subject. 

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