Beijing Sees Record Covid Cases

Beijing Sees Record Covid Cases

It seems that the Covid cases in China are booming as we speak. The outbreak is spiraling again and you can check out the latest reports below.

Covid situation in China

China’s capital Beijing posted a record number of new Covid cases on Tuesday. It’s also important to note the fact that the city is under a tightening chokehold of restrictions that have sent schools online, closed many restaurants, and forced employees to work from home.

According to Medical Xpress, “more than 28,000 new infections were reported nationwide—nearing the record high since the pandemic began—with Guangdong province and the city of Chongqing logging over 16,000 and 6,300 cases, respectively, health authorities said.”

The same notes reveal the fact that there are new cases in Beijing that have also jumped in recent days, “more than doubling from 621 on Sunday to Tuesday’s 1,438—a pandemic record for the city.”

The online publication that we mentioned above notes that the last major economy still welded to a zero-tolerance Covid policy. “China enforced snap lockdowns, mass testing, and quarantines to control outbreaks to great success in the earlier stages of the pandemic.”

We suggest that you check out the original article in order to learn more available details. 

Coronavirus variants in the news 

During the covid pandemic, a lot of people started relying on treatments that are known as monoclonal antibodies. The lab-made therapies are rapidly losing their healing power. This led to the following effect – they have been forcing researchers around the world to devise new antibodies that are both more potent and more resistant to new variants.

Some monoclonal antibodies have been rendered largely ineffective as the virus has mutated. Others are expected to become ineffective if a wave of new omicron subvariants comes to dominate the pandemic landscape during this winter. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about all this.

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