AstraZeneca Antibody Treatment Could Offer Around 18 Months of Protection Against Covid-19 Severe Forms

AstraZeneca Antibody Treatment Could Offer Around 18 Months of Protection Against Covid-19 Severe Forms

The Covid-19 virus has been spreading worldwide, and scientists and health experts are working hard to find the best medical solutions to deal with the severe and mild forms of the illness. The Delta variant has been responsible for the surge of daily new infections worldwide. The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca released a report on an antibody treatment used to prevent the Covid-19 infection and treat severe and mild forms. 

The trial used participants from several countries 

The company published the findings from the phase 3 clinical stage of the AZD7442 antibody treatment. Phase three is usually the final stage a medical treatment has to go through to receive authorization. In phase III, researchers used 600mg of AZD7442 via intramuscular injection. While some participants received a placebo, the results were promising for those who received the antibodies. The Participants were from many countries such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Span, Ukraine, the UK, and the U.S. 

The AZD7442 treatment could offer up to 18 months of protection

The results indicated that the AZD7442 antibodies reduce severe symptoms and death. The antibodies used in the trial are the ones that are naturally produced by the body. The antibodies recognize the virus and attack the spike protein and other parts of the virus. After the virus is eliminated from the system, the antibodies remain in the immunological memory for several months to act in case of reinfection. 

How does the therapy work?

The two antibodies used in the AZD7442 therapy are tixagevimab and cilgavimab, two monoclonal antibodies. They attack the spike proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and prevent it from entering human cells. One dose administered in the phase three trial offered between 12 to 18 months of protection. The findings are essential as the world is struggling against the new coronavirus’s highly aggressive and contagious Delta variant. 


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