Arthritis Drug Could Help Covid 19 Patients

Arthritis Drug Could Help Covid 19 Patients

News about potential covid treatment is out, and it sure looks promising. Check out the latest reports about a potentially viable treatment for patients who suffer from covid 19.

New treatment for covid is analyzed 

The Guardian notes that there is a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis that could help to save the lives of patients with severe Covid. This is the great news that researchers have found, and they say its benefits can be seen even when it is used on top of other medications.

The same prestigious publication notes that experts involved in the Randomised Evaluation of Covid-19 Therapy (Recovery) trial say baricitinib, which is an anti-inflammatory drug taken as a tablet, can reduce the risk of death from severe Covid by about a fifth.


On the other hand, they add that when the impact of other medications used alongside the drug are also taken into account, the risk of death could be lowered by well over 50%. Of course, it goes without saying that this figure will vary from patient to patient.

“What we have now is a suite of drugs which tackle the immune system at different levels, and slightly different ways, which depending on the patient and their circumstances, and their other illnesses and so on, can be used either alone or in combination and further reduce the risk of death.”

This is what Prof Sir Martin Landray, a joint chief investigator of the trial at the University of Oxford explained. He said the drugs did not appear to pose undue risks.

Coronavirus in the news

A few days ago, we were revealing that experts who used to say that the covid vaccines which are using the mRNA tech have nothing to do with our DNA, used to be bashed and called conspiracy theorists. Well, things seem to be changing now.

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