Anthony Fauci Reveals Message Following Pandemic

Anthony Fauci Reveals Message Following Pandemic

Anthony Fauci makes headlines again after being in the spotlight for more than two years now. Check out the latest reports below.

CNBC notes that we’ve just witnessed the anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic last week – the article noted that Dr. Anthony Fauci was in no mood to predict the future.

“The answer is: we don’t know. I mean, that’s it.”

This is what Fauci told CNBC when asked what may come next for Covid vaccinations. Given the durability of protection from the shots, “it is likely that we’re not done with this when it comes to vaccines,” he said.

We’ve been two years in a pandemic that has killed more than 6 million people globally, according to official data.

It’s also important to note the fact that of these – nearly 1 million were in the U.S.

There’s progress in beating omicron 

Leaders in public health, academia, and industry expressed ambivalence as much of the rest of the world – or at least the U.S. – appears to be trying to move on.

Despite progress in beating back the omicron variant, they stressed that the globe could not let down its guard. Fauci said this: 

“Everybody wants to return to normal, everybody wants to put the virus behind us in the rearview mirror, which is, I think, what we should aspire to.”

It’s also important to note the fact that he acknowledged “we are going in the right direction” as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths decline after the omicron surge.


He also said this:

“we have gone in the right direction in four other variants” before the pandemic took a devastating turn.

Coronavirus in the news 

Pfizer continues to make headlines all over the place, and the reason is pretty simple – the covid vaccine. While most of the world is thinking about getting the third vaccine dose – the booster – it seems that more of them are on their way soon. Check out the latest reports that have been revealed by CNN about the covid boosters from Pfizer.

It’s been just reported that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that people would need a fourth dose of vaccine, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CBS on Sunday.

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