A New Virus Emerged In China – Here Are The Details

A New Virus Emerged In China – Here Are The Details

It’s been revealed that there is a new virus that emerged in China. Check out the latest reports about it below.

Details about a new virus in China

It’s been revealed by NBC News not too long ago that back in December 2018, a 53-year-old woman showed up at a hospital in China with flu-like symptoms.

It seems that the woman was infected with a henipavirus, a class that includes some dangerous pathogens like Nipah virus. It’s also worth noting that this has a fatality rate of 40% to 75%.

It’s been also revealed that the virus infecting the patient was genetically distinct from the other henipaviruses scientists had seen before. It came from a novel pathogen now known as Langya virus.

Here are more reports about the issue below, as they are revealed by the same online publication we mentioned above.

Source: pixabay.com

Scientists detected 34 more Langya cases across two eastern Chinese provinces through 2021, according to findings published last week by a research team in China, Singapore and Australia. “None of the patients died.”

The same website notes that the Hendra virus, which can lead to respiratory illness or brain inflammation, has a fatality rate of 57%. Nipah virus produces similar symptoms.

“This is from a family of viruses that we know are concerning, and it appears that this group has now added a new lineage of viruses that are capable of severe disease,” said Vaughn Cooper.

He is an evolutionary biology professor at the University of Pittsburgh who wasn’t involved in the research. Increased surveillance is likely to detect more cases of Langya, he stated as per the same website. 

Check out the original article posted on NBC News in order to learn more details. 

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