Preparing for Your First Locum Tenens Assignment

Preparing for Your First Locum Tenens Assignment

Even if you are a practicing medical professional, working a locum tenens job for the first time can be intimidating. You do not know what to expect because the environment is new. Many physicians who worked locum tenens before think that the temporary assignments are some of the most exciting parts of their career. You work within a new environment, meet, and serve new people. You learn about other local cultures and learn new practices and ways of life. 

How to get ready for your first locum tenens

If you work with a specialist locum tenens recruiter like, it will spare you from worries. The agency will cover the paperwork, including your licenses and credentials. A medical staffing agency also ensures that you will be happy in your locum tenens assignment. They will always be there if you need support.

The staffing agency representative will provide you with everything you need to reduce first-working-day complications, such as with location and parking information. The agency will help secure your housing, travel plans, and even book your rental car. The rest is up to you.

Confirm addresses and directions

Before you leave your home, verify the address of your new house or hotel where you will temporarily stay. You should also verify the address of the practice or facility. Another essential thing to have is the contact information of the staffing agency. You need this so you can reach the representative after hours if complications occur. 

Find out tolls en route, where you should park your car at work, and vehicle permit. Print out driving directions, one from the airport to your accommodation. The other should be the directions from your temporary home to the practice, clinic, or facility. Printed copies are handy, especially if the GPS is outdated, the internet signal is weak, or your phone malfunctions. 

Check details of your assignment

Find out whom you should report to upon arriving at the new facility. Check how to complete timesheets. It is vital to ensure you have all the essential information, including your title, work schedule, and phone numbers of the contact person at the facility. Also, check if you must submit copies of your certifications, resume, and license upon arrival. 

Do not hesitate to ask questions

The facility will give you an orientation. It could be a quick overview, or it can last a few days. You may have additional questions not included in the orientation, too. For example, the time you should allot to each patient, coding procedures, lunch hours, and who to contact if you have more questions.

Know the electronic health record (EHR) system they use

Request the staffing agency to verify the type of electronic health record system the facility uses. If it is different from what you know, check if the facility will provide training. EHR systems have slight variations, and knowing beforehand what you will use gives you the chance to upgrade your knowledge.

There could be first-day jitters. However, if you prepare accordingly before arriving at your first locum tenens job, you can overcome your worries and concentrate on enjoying and learning more from your new assignment. 

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